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Lane 8 ~ "Little by Little" Album Review

Lane 8 ~ "Little by Little" Album Review

Clean, pure beautiful sounds, but no surprises.

That's the short answer on how I feel about Lane 8's newest album 'Little by Little'. Artist's featured include POLICA, Fractures, and July. Lane 8 has had a steadily increasing career. His music spans back to 2012 and the album in topic was released Jan. 19th 2018. If you need an idea of how Lane 8's reputation has grown over the years, it's at least large enough to have his own Wikipedia page and head on tour this Winter following the release of LBL. Plus having a released and signed under the Anjunadeep family.

The thing I dug most about the album were the vocals. Piercingly raw vocals were found on a number of tracks but the most searing one is 'No Captain'. I cried to be honest, which was probably the only surprise about the album from there. This album is better with a second listen however. Which, I've got going on while I write this review. It definitely has appeal. The vibrant album art work- an abstract photo landscape is fabulous. If you flip the artwork upside down, the dirt road is calling you on the long trail to the mountain sides of Lane 8's atmostphere. 

Favorite track was 'Stir Me Up'- actually been on repeat for the last 36 hours but that's no big thang. Check it out for yourself:

Some randomness is the only downside of this album. There were some tracks that seemed to have effects thrown out in places where it wasn't ideal. Although, with a more seasoned artist like Lane 8, I'm going to just assume that was on purpose. It was almost as if he was not fully present in this album on some tracks. Like it seemed less put together, or trying to create a sound that wasn't entirely consistent. Over all, I found this album to be next level and enjoyable. It definitely had me listen the whole way through, just laying on the ground, uninterrupted. Any album that can command that kind of attention with EP's and Single's running rampant, is worth it's salt and worth a listen-- 

"...taking the time to appreciate each small step in a larger journey." - Lane 8 on Little By Little release. 
By: Lauren Royer
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