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Pure Expression Crew - Interviews with Lauren and Katie

Pure Expression Crew - Interviews with Lauren and Katie

Hey! How’s it going? Katie and I have been getting into a good rhythm putting out unique and thought-provoking articles over the last few months. As our community of readers grows, we thought it would be fun to introduce ourselves by interviewing each other. Soon we’ll be celebrating one year of expression through this website and we are excited for what the future holds. We hope you’ll continue to enjoy the articles we put our hearts into and that we’ll see you at the next event or maybe even your art in the PE Gallery!

Until then, this is us! Cheers!

Lauren Royer - Editor-in-chief // Writer

When no longer writing articles for a hiphop blog and also feeling something was missing, Lauren started Pure Expression in January 2018. The idea was to use her degree in Arts, Media, and Culture in a way that allowed her to write about whatever she wanted. Besides writing, Lauren has a wide range of interests including: painting, photography, dancing, moshing, traveling, reading, and film. Yoga keeps her zen and she currently lives in Washington State.


If you could have brunch with anyone living or dead, who would it be and why? Heath Ledger. Besides having been one of the most gorgeous creatures on earth at the time of his death, he was a brilliant actor. From what I’ve learned about his life through a documentary- he was an artist too. He would use photography and mixed media to create his images and I just think he was a beautiful, gentle soul. Plus I like to believe he loved eggs benedict too :)

What is the best album to have come out in 2018 thus far? 
Tash Sultana’s ‘Flow State’ was just released and it is a dream. It’s like listening to a live set and her raw vocals literally made me weep! Highly impressed by her work and the guitar work is legendary too. Another one is 6lack’s ‘East Atlanta Love Letter’, which also took me away and both albums are uniquely different genres and styles.

What TV show(s) have you been watching lately? What do you think of them? 
This is slightly embarrassing… but I was watching Kitchen Nightmare reruns. I think Chef Gordon Ramsey is my new idol. The way he understands flavors as if they were colors, the way he can draw out the worst in people and replace it with something inspiring is extraordinary. Other than that and some random documentaries on Amazon prime, I haven’t really been watching any TV lately. Not really my game.

What is the last book you completed? What is it about? The last book I completed was Les Miserables by Victor Hugo. It was published in 1862 and the shortest answer I can give is it’s a French historical novel with a theme of redemption, love, and life. It took me about 7 months to read it. It was one of the most lovely books I’ve ever read.

What is your favorite quote and why?  “
Do no harm, but take no shit” - only because that is how I’d like to live my life.

What is your favorite article of clothing? 
This changes often… I just got a dress that has my heart right now though. It’s from Zara and has a red, white, and black color block pattern on it. No pockets though- almost perfect.

Why did you start Pure Expression? Where do you want it to go? 
I started PE because I wanted to explore all the art forms out there. This way, I could share what I was learning and hopefully inspire artists to continue making art, or to learn about something they otherwise wouldn’t. Eventually, I’d like to expand Pure Expression to be a well known, trust-worthy, and fabulous website across the entire West Coast. International would be insanely cool but I think the West Coast is where all the magic happens!

What kind of art have you always wanted to experience?
I want to try graffiti art badly. It’s always caught my eye as a photographer and I think people under estimate it’s value as an art form. Looks super fun to do too!

What kind of snacks are you craving right now? 
I’m actually not hungry for once! I have something coming up today I’m a little nervous/excited about and I cannot eat when I’m in that state of mind. My usual go to is french fries though. Always.

Describe the perfect day.
I’m somewhere on a far away ocean beach. Behind a DJ booth spinning mad sexy tracks for all my friends to dance to. People are coming out of the town to join the dancing and creating art all around me. A particular handsome fella is by my side too. The sun is held in the sky just as it starts to set over the water. When the waves wash out the beach, I lock arms with the dearest people in my life and we explore the world.

Katie Hovde - Writer

Katie Hovde is a musician, writer, and arts administrator from Olympia, WA. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Music and a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations from Central Washington University. After college, she began working at the Seattle Symphony, where she currently is a Program Associate in the Education & Community Engagement department. Katie is passionate about equal access to all art for the community and strives to create opportunities for access wherever possible, as she believes that art is truly for everyone.


What is a daily ritual you cannot live without? My yoga practice for sure. Granted I don’t always do it daily (I’m working on that) but it’s still something that I don’t ever see NOT being in my life. My yoga practice allows me the time and space to sift through my head and make sense of my life in a healthy and nourishing way. 

Whose music did you last listen to?
The last actual song I listened to was the acapella version of Agnes Water by Jamie-Rose. Other than that I’ve been listening to a lot of Vulfpeck and ZHU lately.

Why do you write? Oh man this is a big question. I write because well, I can’t just NOT write. I talk a lot, so it’s only natural that I would write. Not to mention, there are just some things that are  better written than said. Many times when I have needed to express a complicated emotion to a romantic partner, or a friend etc., oftentimes I need to write it down first and really process what it means to feel what I’m feeling in that moment; and then I’m able to communicate my emotions. 

What instruments do you play and what would you like to learn? I have played classical violin for about 20 years. I also can play a little bit of piano, mandolin, guitar, cello, and I can sing. I have always wanted to actually learn the cello. I can plunk out a few melodies right now but I want to be able to play full pieces. 

What book or books are you currently reading? I’m currently reading a book called The Air You Breathe by Frances De Pontes Peebles. It’s about these two women who met as children in 1930s Brazil; one is the daughter of the plantation owner and the other is a kitchen girl. They bond over their love of music and it’s basically just a story of their lives.

Who are the three people you go on your on most of your adventures with?
My fiancé Hayden. My dear friend Alex. And myself, actually. I enjoy a solo adventure just as much as one with people I love.

What five countries would you visit right now if you could? Croatia, Norway, India, Italy, Aruba

What is one of your mantras? Inhale relaxation, exhale tension. 

What are your plans for fall 2018? Working and starting yoga teacher training! By December 2018 I’ll be a certified yoga teacher!

What is your favorite place to hike? There are many places that I love hiking but I think my favorite might be Lake Colchuck, here in Washington. It’s SUCH an ass-kicker but when you crest that last hill and see the lake and hear how incredibly quiet it is, it’s all worth it. 

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