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From the Photographer's Lens: PE 1 Year Recap w/ Ryan Nix

From the Photographer's Lens: PE 1 Year Recap w/ Ryan Nix

Article by: Lauren Royer

Interview and Photography: Ryan Nix

Whew! One year under our belt and you know we had to celebrate. Pure Expression hosted an open mic poetry reading and dance party at Vermillion Seattle- and it was a DAMN BLAST. Raising a total of $126 and donations for was a big, extra, warm hug from the event.

Who better than to give a recap than our unofficial (official) photographer Ryan Nix! Read what he saw, felt, and get to know the fella behind the lens too!

Cheers to expression! See the event photo album here.

Describe the PE 1 Year in 3 words.

Fantastic potential blooming!

What is something you witnessed occurring throughout the night? Any themes?

Artists supporting artists which was such a pleasant sight to see. You could really tell that everyone was present and supportive, from the set up to those brave enough to stand in front of each other. All of the participants and attendees really embodied what Pure Expression represents and I'd love to see more of it!

Favorite moment or highlights? What about favorite photo?

Sarah reading her poetry for the first time was my favorite part! Art can be very personal and, in many ways, leave you vulnerable. It isn't always easy showing your artistic side to others because you'll never know how it would be received. Would you feel more motivated once it is done? Or would you be discouraged from wanting to try again? It's a gamble. 

However, the event itself had such a warm and welcoming vibe that her words were well received and I hope that she keeps it up!

What do you expect to see from future Expression Events?

The same thing but expanded upon. Perhaps something everyone can participate in such as painting together - much like those wine/painting nights other venues do. This would give everyone the chance to take something home with them - maybe even find out they have a genuine interest as a new hobby. 

Poet Riley O’Boyle reading

Poet Riley O’Boyle reading

When did you first fall in love with photography? Can you describe why?

There was a period of time in which I was a hermit of sorts. For various reasons, some petty and some legitimate, I found myself doing things on my own such as hiking. I would go to places that others I knew no one had really seen before and my camera, a Fujifilm FinePix, became the medium I used to show off where I'd go. 

However, it wasn't until I saw photos from Dallas Nagata White that I really started getting into it. She had taken a really amazing "Volcano Kiss" photo that her husband posted to Reddit. It was there that I fell in love with her night photography - which was my natural time of the day. I started to wonder how the photos were taken and how I could really take advantage of my camera. 

Thanks to one of my friends, who was also a photographer, I had someone to go out with and check out sites around Oahu to photograph. This cycle of learning something new, having someone to adventure with and put new techniques to test helped kept my inspiration going and before I realized it, I had fallen in love with photography. It became a small window into how I viewed the world that others could peer through. 

What misconceptions do you wish you could correct about photographers?

Photographers are more than the camera. Their pictures are the result of who they are as a person - how they view the world and what they want to show others or even simply document for themselves. It doesn't matter whether it is someone taking pictures of their dinner for Instagram, or photographing someone's wedding, those photos are tiny glimpses into who they are.


Other forms of expression?

I used to really enjoy making videos and drawing but haven't kept up with that as much as I wish I would like haha but 2019 is a new year and I'd love to dive back into something again

What kind of photography would you do if there weren't any limitations?

I would love to find myself in in a place like Iceland and photograph the Aurora Borealis. I was really lucky when I was photographing in Washington's Hurricane Ridge, but I feel like I've learned a lot more since then and I would love to apply what I know there. Not to mention the scenery was just lovely and they have landscapes that can be humbling with their tall cliffs and amazing mountain views.

Tell us about yourself; where are you from, how do you make a living? and what adventures are planned next?

I was born on a military base in Yokosuka Japan and had the great fortune to live there until I was 14. From there, I moved to Oahu, Hawaii. Although I don't consider my experiences in Japan and Hawaii to be unique, I am very happy to have grown up the way I have. 

My next big adventure planned is actually going to be a bit of a homecoming trip - Japan! This will be the first time I will get to experience Japan as an adult so I am looking forward to that and to the different memories I'll be able to capture.

Find more of Ryan’s photos on Instagram and Pure Expression Gallery <3

*If you have questions or concerns about a photo posted in the public album, please contact us!

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